Vangard's mission is to keep people safe at work. Our business is committed to delivering that mission through our core values. Our values are more than just statements; they define our reasons for being in business and what it means to be part of our extensive Vangard family.

By investing in our own people and techniques we are able to offer just the best quality products to our customers. Makeovers and infrastructure would be meaningless without the renewal of the product, whose coordinates are the standard, the highest performance and the expertise and breadth of the range.

Product development stems from the real needs of the market, Vangard listens to its customers. The use of cutting-edge materials with unique properties has been the key in offering unbeatable products. The firm commitment to designing Vangard has been reflected not only in the product but also in its packaging, developing its own line of own style that is solid, clean and identifies those who have undeniably contributed to enhance and strengthen the brand. Since 2001 we have built our products with professional health and safety qualifications and we will continue to improve our techniques and resources to offer even better products all over the world.